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The Mares of New River Vanners

Clononeen Lile


" Lile "

Clononeen Kyra

" Kyra"

Soifra of TNT

" Sophie "

NR Carolina 

Ramblin Rose

" Rosie "

Harbour Gypsy Rose

" Rose "


NR Edge of Seventeen




Stevie baby.jpg

GDR Royals Black Majic 

" Majic

WG Silver Moon Lily 

" Silver Lily "

GTF Velveteen Rabbit

" Velvet "

NR Revelation Rose

" Sapphire "

Virginia Vanners Night of the Raven

" Jenny"

GTF Delilah

" Delilah"

NR My Lucky Star 

" Indy "

GD Temple of Poseidon

" Tempy"

NR Black Dahlia


LFG The Blonde Bombshell


A Quality Program Built From Family, Faith, Trust and Honesty

Wonderful to work with!

Kristen Terra - Terra Bella Ranch

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