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SD Greatest Showman


Blue Blagdon Gypsy Stallion

Sire: SD The Don (SD Gloria / SD Casino)

Dam: SD Charisma (SD Foundation Mare / SD Foundation Stallion)

Registered Name: SD Greatest Showman

Barn Name: Showman

Height: 13.2hh

GVHS -GV09352

DOB: 05/12/2018

Sex: Stallion

Color: Blue Blagdon (EE W20W20)


Greatest Showman. Just take a look at him. We are almost as speechless with this boy as you are. He is nothing short of incredible. As soon as we came across his very first photo, we knew we needed him for our program. Not only is he sweet, but he is the complete package. He is Gypsy Vanner embodiment to a 'T'. Showman has presence, he has hair, he has bone, he has total and complete quality. No words can come together to describe him... so just take a look. We are SO BLESSED to have this gorgeous stallion in our field, in our line-up and you bet you will see him in the show ring!  $2000 fee and LFG-Mare care included for 30 days

Showman's Pedigree

Some of Showman's Foals

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