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The Stallions of New River Vanners

Nik is currently standing to the public. 

$1,500 with Live Foal Guarantee.

Live Cover Only, fee includes 30 days of Mare Care and Stud Fee.

SD Cottoneyed Joe's Surprise - Nik

2013 Blue Roan Tobiano 

Gypsy Vanner Stallion

Color: EE nT nRN

Height: 13.3hh

GVHS (GV06057)

GHRA (A00001881)

PSSM1: Clear

FIS: Clear

Sire: SD Cotton Eyed Joe

Dam: High Valley Surprise

Nik is a very special stallion. He has an amazing temperament, but he also is a very top quality Gypsy. Proper, this boy passes not only his amazing disposition, but a fun fact about Roan and Tobiano, is he will always pass one or the other. His foals will either be ROAN or TOBIANO, so depending on your mares, he can produce a lot of very flashy and colorful foals. This guy has a foot in each corner, he's sturdy, has heavy bone, good thick feather, a gorgeous head, neck and very proportionate. He would be an incredible addition to your breeding plans. Contact us about breeding to him! 

Showman is SOLD to a new owner, but we will have our select mares re-bred to him for 2025!

SD Greatest Showman - Showman

2018 Blue Blagdon

Gypsy Vanner Stallion

Color: EE W20W20

Height: 13.2hh

TGCA / GVHS - pending

PSSM1: Clear

FIS: Clear

Sire: SD The Don

Dam: SD Charisma

Greatest Showman. Just take a look at him. We are almost as speechless with this boy as you are. He is nothing short of incredible. As soon as we came across his very first photo, we knew we needed him for our program. Not only is he sweet, but he is the complete package. He is Gypsy Vanner embodiment to a 'T'. Showman has presence, he has hair, he has bone, he has total and complete quality. No words can come together to describe him... so just take a look. We are SO BLESSED to have this gorgeous stallion in our field, in our line-up and you bet you will see him in the show ring! 

A Quality Program Built From Family, Faith, Trust and Honesty

New River Vanners is one of a kind. The Luffmans are amazing people and will always do what they can to help. Not only do they have amazing horses, but they are honest and wonderful to work with! I have bred many mares to their stallion Nik. 

They give more than 100% every time. Without question.

Cheyenne Hall - C&B Ranch Hall's Gypsies

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